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Monday, 7 July 2014

Diagnosis Of The Eye Disease

Diagnosis of the disease - Modern diagnostics of glaucoma involves the use of various diagnostic methods, among the most important are:

•    Isometric;

•    Perimetry;

•    Ocular tonometry;

•    Gonioscopy;

•    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope;

•    Tomography

For successful treatment of glaucoma is necessary to timely detect increased intracranial and intraocular pressure. It is equally important to monitor the change of borders by perimetry.

Samantha Pearson methods for the treatment of glaucoma in the clinic "OKOMED" - Treatment of glaucoma is always dependent on the kind of disease and characteristics of the particular case of illness.

In congenital glaucoma ophthalmologist usually appoints surgery because conservative therapy drugs ineffective, for the treatment of acquired glaucoma can be used as a conservative methods and hypotensive surgery aimed at normalization of intraocular fluid or decrease its secretion. The main methods of treatment of glaucoma to date are:

•    Drug antihypertensive therapy, the basis of which is the use of glaucoma eye drops;

•    Laser microsurgery of glaucoma - the method combines a variety of modern techniques of treatment of glaucoma, suggesting the use of medical laser (characteristics: low invasiveness and good predictability of the result);

•    Traditional glaucoma surgery;

•    Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT);

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Multiple back trepanation sclera with severe glaucoma - Excellent reputation been carried out at early stage open-angle glaucoma, until atrophic phenomena saves patient vision.

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