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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vision Is Organ Of Perception

Green tea is capable of outputting the salts of heavy metals and free radicals, that is, has antioxidant properties, protects the heart and blood vessels, and helps cleanse the body. All this has beneficial effects on eye health.

Vision - organ of perception of the external world. We admire the beauty of nature, beautiful paintings of the great masters of painting, works of art and monuments.

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A helps maintain healthy eyes, oddly enough, green tea. Tea compresses relieve fatigue and redness of the eyes, wash with a weak solution of green tea reduces irritation in contact with small particles when exposed to gas and smoke.

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As substances tea beverage affect eye health?

In Hong Kong, Chinese scientists and doctors largest eye hospital conducted a series of experiments on the effects of green tea catechism, organic substances, which are powerful antioxidants on the agents of eye diseases.

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It turned out that these substances quickly penetrate into the eye tissue and restore function of capillaries and blood vessels, preventing an increase in intraocular pressure.

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Disruption of capillaries leads to the formation of glaucoma and optic nerve atrophy, i.e. a strong alleviation and narrowing of the visual field. Catechism helps to strengthen the immune system and have antimicrobial properties.

Green tea is so rich in various trace elements, vitamins and minerals. The use of this ancient drink gives a positive effect on the whole organism.

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