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Monday, 30 June 2014

Vision Complications During Childbirth

In fact, not all women face myopic disease. Conversely, changes in the retina may also be a person with impaired vision.

That is, retinal detachments can potentially effects and those women who have never been registered by an ophthalmologist? Yes, it is. No one is immune from such complications during childbirth.

What to do? All women should undergo a detailed examination of the fundus to a planned pregnancy, early pregnancy and in the last trimester.

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This will help to timely detect retinal changes and, if necessary, undertake preventive actions. This survey will allow doctors to decide whether a woman to give birth to itself or need a cesarean section.

How often it really necessary? Experience has shown that only about ten percent of women cannot give birth themselves.

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Average examination in the clinic is enough to make a conclusion? I think not. Such findings should be done only ophthalmic laser, a man who treats tightly retina and can with a special lens to see the state of the periphery of the fundus.

What factors indicate that a woman cannot give birth? Only need to be afraid of the retinal break.

If not, then you can give birth and what if there is even if there is a gap, produced restrictive photocoagulation: the retina laser burns are placed around the place dystrophy, and it turns out that the gap blocked after that the doctor can allow you to give birth.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Vision Correction In Pregnancy - Dr. Samantha Pearson

Observing all recommendations of your doctor, you can be sure that no unforeseen situations will arise, and the postoperative result is bound to delight you.

Just imagine: You will be able to see all their wonderful eyes - without lenses and glasses! You will be able to enjoy the bright colors of the surrounding nature and smiles people close to you.

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You no longer have to carry around a case for glasses or lenses. Your eyes will be healthy and free for years to come!

Vision correction and pregnancy - Just a few years the diagnosis of "high myopia" sounded for a pregnant woman as a sentence: she was to give birth can only be delivered by Caesarean section.

But in recent years much has changed in ophthalmology, and even women with very severe myopia had a chance to give birth naturally.

Share this we asked Dr. Samantha Pearson laser ophthalmic surgery Recovery Center of Eye Research Institute of Medical Sciences.

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Please tell us why it was always assumed that the short-sighted women give birth by contraindicated?

The fact is that myopia affected retina and when heavy loads that occur during labor, retinal detachment can occur.

This is a very scary disease that threatens almost complete blindness. Previously it was thought that this could happen to all women with a high degree of myopia.

Necessary Advice For Your Eyes Health

After about an hour after correction doctor will examine you, give all the necessary advice and go home's main recommendations:

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•    The first night after correction sleep on your back (you can sunglasses);

•    On the first day, do not touch eyes with hands, wipe a tear from her cheek only with a clean handkerchief or sterile cloth after washing hands;

•    Read, write, and you can drive a car the next day after surgery (the first day is better to give your eyes a rest);

•    During the first five days, do not expose the raw water in the eye, if necessary, use boiled water;

•    Use eye drops strictly on prescription (eyedrops must be carefully pushing down the lower eyelid);

•    Do not use cosmetics for 2 weeks after the correction; in the early days refrain from the use of aerosols;

•    Do not need to turn a blind eye bandages, adhesive plaster to seal;

•    Within one month after receiving LKZ refrain from alcoholic beverages; Avoid excessive exercise and other activities associated with increased injuries (classes in the gym, lifting weights, skating, cycling, etc.); not swim in the pool and open water; abstain from visiting the baths and saunas;

•    Be sure to observe all the doctor's recommendations, do not miss the designated examinations;

•    When unexpected situations (sharp eye pain, blurred vision, trauma, foreign body, etc.), consult a doctor immediately.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Intraocular Pressure Is Generally Measured Using A Noncontact Tonometer

Determination of the visual fields is carried out by research contrasts with which we can estimate the approximate degree of visual field loss.

Study of the reaction of the pupil to light (indirect and involuntary) to assess the condition of the optic tract, no direct light reflex observed in a unilateral lesion of the optic nerve and the central retinal artery occlusion.

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In a patient with glaucoma is detected arcade scotia (isolated area in which eyesight weakened or absent along the nerve fibers at the edges of the optic nerve).

Central scotia may occur with optic neuritis. Temporal hemianopia / homonymous Hemianopia (loss of right or left halves of the visual field) and quadrant Hemianopia (loss of one quadrant of the field of vision in one or both eyes) was observed in patients with neurological disorders.

Intraocular pressure is generally measured using a noncontact tonometer. If necessary, intraocular pressure measurement is performed or contacts Ocular tonometry.

To exclude glaucoma may conduct computer perimeter, i.e. the study of the visual fields. Before any surgical intervention performed refractive examination, this includes: visual acuity without correction and with optimal correction, bio microscopy, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, refractometry (using fundus), computerized corneal topography in the computer topography, ultrasound biometry, and ultrasonic tachymetry.

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The obtained data are used in diagnosis by the surgeon during the laser correction. Before performing refractive surgery patients conducted corneal tachymetry thickness measuring device, which allows us to calculate the maximum allowable depth of the laser, which in cases of very high degrees of myopia determines how fully possible to make a correction.


Eye examination includes a precise definition of visual acuity and refraction patient measurement of intraocular pressure

The inspection under a microscope eyes (bio microscopy), Corneal tachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness), determination of the length of the eye, eye ultrasound (B-scan), and computer thorough study of the retina (fundus) with a wide pupil definition level


Typically, the doctor begins with a survey receipt of your health information and family diseases.

Then, the doctor is likely to ask you to name the letters or numbers on which he indicates in the table, consisting of rows of spaced and gradually decreasing in size of letters and numbers.

If the test on the table will show that you need to pick up a prescription or prescribe contact lenses, the doctor measures the refractive error, or focusing the eyes, with the help of tools that contain a set of contact lenses of different strengths.

To corroborate and find out what lenses provide the best vision, you will be given to test lenses of different strengths.

These studies of natural and corrected visual acuity using the slit lamp should be evaluated by symbols.

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If the patient cannot distinguish large letters, the vision was evaluated by determining the number of fingers.

Then determine the perception of patient’s finger movements, and finally, the ability to distinguish light from dark.

Care For The Eyes

Care for the eyes - Do not forget that an arbitrary constant squinting eye generates extra wrinkles around the eyes.

Autumn regardless of lighting many (especially after forty) eyes tired quickly. They begin to ache, often appears, and headache.

Remedies To Save Your Eye Vision

A few tips:

•    When reading, try to relax and give softness eyelids look, not to frown and blink slowly, but often.

•    Follow sufficient moistening the cornea, keeping it quite fast blinking eyelids. This is especially important during prolonged reading or working on the computer.

•    When working near the eyes, especially requiring concentration, breathe deeply and rhythmically eyes need oxygen-rich blood circulation.

•    From time to time, looking into the distance, for example, in the window, move the view of the next items.

•    Do not read while lying before bedtime.

Selection of glasses - Often the main cause of headaches and fatigue - lack of credit for working or reading, sometimes need to replace them.

If your doctor has prescribed glasses, they should be worn. Remember that to preserve your eyesight must undergo diagnostic testing on modern equipment at least twice a year, accurate and timely diagnosis of eye diseases - the first and most important step towards the full vision.

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It allows you to determine the acuteness of central vision. If you wear contact lenses, it will be checked by sight now. In addition, using a special tool doctor will check your points to confirm whether prescription was issued.

Few Simple Tips That Will Help You To Save Your Eyesight

We offer you a few simple tips that will help you save your eyesight:-

For improve vision useful daily drink half a glass of apricot juice 2 times a day.

Eat berries a cowberry in any form: fresh, pickled, boiled, they also contribute to the improvement of vision.

Some More Tips To Restore Your Vision Of Eyes

Take half a cup 2 times a day one hour before meals infusion of parsley leaves. Prepare the infusion, you can: 1 tablespoon (without top) parsley leaves to 1 cup of boiled water, 1 hour, drain. Remember that parsley is contraindicated in acute nephritis and cystitis.

If you have poor vision shows the infusion of flowers or raspberry leaf inside, prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of raw materials to 1 cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, drain. Take 1 cup 2-3 times a day.

To improve the fit of Pharmacy eleutherococcus extract 15 drops half an hour before meals (in the morning) - once a day with 1 month course.

Blueberries improve blood flow to the retina and thereby sharpen vision.

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To improve two teaspoons of pharmacy clams root brew in a glass of boiling water and leave for 2 hours in a tightly sealed container, then strain. If you drink a quarter cup of tincture 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating, your vision will improve.

Cataract Treatment - Dr. Samantha Pearson

Cataract Treatment - Decreased vision, for example, in bright light or difficulty reading printed text even well - an early symptom of cataracts.

Your doctor - ophthalmologist (a doctor who specializes in examining and treating eye) should check your cataract progression by testing visual acuity and other surveys before you will be encouraged to conduct surgery.

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Cataracts or clouding of the lens of the eye is one of the major causes of blindness and low vision, most common age or senile cataracts.

Today this disease is more common in relatively young and active people, after 40 years. According to the World Health Organization, this pathology is observed in more than 50 million people.

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The most modern method in the entire world is the ultrasonic pace. During surgery, the surgeon replaces the lens with cataracts - foldable intraocular lens.

To carry out cataract is no age limit. Cataracts can be addressed at the earliest timing, not waiting for the "mature".

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In ophthalmic clinic "Insight" employs highly trained specialists who spend all masterly manipulation without causing the patient pain, suffering and unnecessary inconvenience.

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Mastery of technique seamless surgery allows physicians to conduct outpatient cataract, a few hours later the patient is allowed to leave the clinic.

Restoration of your vision - During the high-tech all subjected to heavy loads our eyes. The older we get, the more our vision suffers from constant congestion, poor lighting, the working day at the computer screen, free time on the internet, playing computer games or watching television.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Presbyopia Dubbed In People With "Senile Vision"

In the case of blindness in one eye is of course, very important also to go to your ophthalmologist to find out (if known) the cause of the disease and the possibility of cure.

Presbyopia dubbed in just people with "senile vision" is a kind of visual impairment, due to which a person cannot be considered small text and objects near.

With presbyopia eye faced by people aged 40 years. Some ophthalmologists believe that presbyopia may occur at an earlier age, so for example, was diagnosed with presbyopia girls 10 years in the United States.

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With such a change of view, most people face, for that would read and consider the items they need to push the object in question and the farther the distance, the better and clearer he sees it happening and reflex is normal for a person with a similar visual impairment.

Presbyopia is very similar to farsightedness (hyperopia), and in fact, and in another case a person is unable to read and examine items close.

The only difference from hyperopia presbyopia and other refractive disorders is that the lens loses its elasticity, while in other cases, the violation view due to external and genetic factors.

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Causes of presbyopia - Identifies a number of reasons why these things happen vision changes, are considered the main causes of loss of elasticity and curvature of the lens.

The disruption of the culinary muscle, which is responsible for changing the shape of the lens, which leads to a decrease in the vicinity of the focus of the object.

What You Need To Know About Color Blindness

Accordingly, it is unlikely a man will be able to adequately assess the traffic signals. And it is not safe.

Therefore, for such ailments Commission does not allow to pass exams. The same reason is and colorblindness.

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In principle, these two states are similar, only in people suffering from color blindness, do not differ red. And it is also important for driving.

Color blindness may well be innate. It is therefore important, if the family had similar problems, generally examined by an ophthalmologist for the absence of disease.

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Because if it's become clear to the Commission, will be very upset by the fact that the course has already been partially completed and the car is in the garage.

Although the majority of people suffering from such disease know about it, there were times when it was designated anomalies during the medical examination for admission to the driving tests.

A little more about the anomalies - despite its rarity, expressed in degrees may occur in more hidden forms in many people.

For example, there are cases where the eye cannot distinguish tones. That is the bright colors and shades they see calm, but the color will be a little paler; there already have problems with perception. But due to the fact that most of the road signs has enough good contrast, such deviations on the quality of driving, do not interfere.

The Problem With One Eye

The problem with one eye - In this case, it may be an astigmatism occurs when the distortion of the lens or complete blindness in one eye.

So the question arises in such difficult cases, give any rights? If one eye does not see at all, the main thing is to show the normal state on the commission of the second eye.

Blindness From One Eye Due To Vision Without Glasses

In cases when one eye has a 100% vision, will not be any problems. 100% vision - this is when the image table with the letters practically all the lines to the smallest then the doctor gives a conclusion.

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It, of course, indicates the status of the other eye, but with the health of one, admission will be issued.

As for the driving cars, then that provision will not affect too correct perception of road markings and compliance with required distances and regulations.

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When one eye does not see - in some cases it is more appropriate for driving a car, for example, than the syndrome of “lazy eye ", when both see different pictures.

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Deuteronomy - This is one of the important reasons that can be denied rights and all because the disease is associated with the deformation of the picture, and most importantly, with the wrong color perception.

Generally, 1% of those found in varying degrees. When it is impossible to get right, but also to drive a car full, the fact is that in the first place when Deuteronomy man sees and does not distinguish between green.

Nearsightedness And Farsightedness

If the whole body is clean, fresh and active, then your eyes will be clean and shiny, and what is supposed to be "the mirror of the soul." Regularly drink green tea, but not more than 1 liter per day (recommendation of doctors).

Will the law, if one eye does not see - Get right, seemingly; it is simple and complex at the same time.

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What prevents us to do it adulthood? Yeah, well, nothing. From a financial point of view with respect to programming allows it but what about in terms of health?

After all, is not always the commission is successful and put "tolerance" to drive. On this basis, many of us, knowing their ailments, there are many questions.

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One, the most acute is this vision. Is it possible to get right, and most importantly, to fully drive the car with various disabilities in this direction?

So, let's look at the causes of vision, because of which the medical board may be unsatisfactory.

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Nearsightedness and farsightedness - These pathological states are two diametrically opposed to each other but with a certain age cured solely by the physician using the laser and correction.

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In other cases, the constant wearing contact lenses or glasses; thus it is quite possible to get admission to pass driving tests.

The most important thing - to see the layout (of course, the option to see the road is not considered at all, it is required).

Vision Is Organ Of Perception

Green tea is capable of outputting the salts of heavy metals and free radicals, that is, has antioxidant properties, protects the heart and blood vessels, and helps cleanse the body. All this has beneficial effects on eye health.

Vision - organ of perception of the external world. We admire the beauty of nature, beautiful paintings of the great masters of painting, works of art and monuments.

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A helps maintain healthy eyes, oddly enough, green tea. Tea compresses relieve fatigue and redness of the eyes, wash with a weak solution of green tea reduces irritation in contact with small particles when exposed to gas and smoke.

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As substances tea beverage affect eye health?

In Hong Kong, Chinese scientists and doctors largest eye hospital conducted a series of experiments on the effects of green tea catechism, organic substances, which are powerful antioxidants on the agents of eye diseases.

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It turned out that these substances quickly penetrate into the eye tissue and restore function of capillaries and blood vessels, preventing an increase in intraocular pressure.

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Disruption of capillaries leads to the formation of glaucoma and optic nerve atrophy, i.e. a strong alleviation and narrowing of the visual field. Catechism helps to strengthen the immune system and have antimicrobial properties.

Green tea is so rich in various trace elements, vitamins and minerals. The use of this ancient drink gives a positive effect on the whole organism.