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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Eye examination includes a precise definition of visual acuity and refraction patient measurement of intraocular pressure

The inspection under a microscope eyes (bio microscopy), Corneal tachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness), determination of the length of the eye, eye ultrasound (B-scan), and computer thorough study of the retina (fundus) with a wide pupil definition level


Typically, the doctor begins with a survey receipt of your health information and family diseases.

Then, the doctor is likely to ask you to name the letters or numbers on which he indicates in the table, consisting of rows of spaced and gradually decreasing in size of letters and numbers.

If the test on the table will show that you need to pick up a prescription or prescribe contact lenses, the doctor measures the refractive error, or focusing the eyes, with the help of tools that contain a set of contact lenses of different strengths.

To corroborate and find out what lenses provide the best vision, you will be given to test lenses of different strengths.

These studies of natural and corrected visual acuity using the slit lamp should be evaluated by symbols.

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If the patient cannot distinguish large letters, the vision was evaluated by determining the number of fingers.

Then determine the perception of patient’s finger movements, and finally, the ability to distinguish light from dark.

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