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Monday, 30 June 2014

Vision Complications During Childbirth

In fact, not all women face myopic disease. Conversely, changes in the retina may also be a person with impaired vision.

That is, retinal detachments can potentially effects and those women who have never been registered by an ophthalmologist? Yes, it is. No one is immune from such complications during childbirth.

What to do? All women should undergo a detailed examination of the fundus to a planned pregnancy, early pregnancy and in the last trimester.

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This will help to timely detect retinal changes and, if necessary, undertake preventive actions. This survey will allow doctors to decide whether a woman to give birth to itself or need a cesarean section.

How often it really necessary? Experience has shown that only about ten percent of women cannot give birth themselves.

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Average examination in the clinic is enough to make a conclusion? I think not. Such findings should be done only ophthalmic laser, a man who treats tightly retina and can with a special lens to see the state of the periphery of the fundus.

What factors indicate that a woman cannot give birth? Only need to be afraid of the retinal break.

If not, then you can give birth and what if there is even if there is a gap, produced restrictive photocoagulation: the retina laser burns are placed around the place dystrophy, and it turns out that the gap blocked after that the doctor can allow you to give birth.

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