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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Necessary Advice For Your Eyes Health

After about an hour after correction doctor will examine you, give all the necessary advice and go home's main recommendations:

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•    The first night after correction sleep on your back (you can sunglasses);

•    On the first day, do not touch eyes with hands, wipe a tear from her cheek only with a clean handkerchief or sterile cloth after washing hands;

•    Read, write, and you can drive a car the next day after surgery (the first day is better to give your eyes a rest);

•    During the first five days, do not expose the raw water in the eye, if necessary, use boiled water;

•    Use eye drops strictly on prescription (eyedrops must be carefully pushing down the lower eyelid);

•    Do not use cosmetics for 2 weeks after the correction; in the early days refrain from the use of aerosols;

•    Do not need to turn a blind eye bandages, adhesive plaster to seal;

•    Within one month after receiving LKZ refrain from alcoholic beverages; Avoid excessive exercise and other activities associated with increased injuries (classes in the gym, lifting weights, skating, cycling, etc.); not swim in the pool and open water; abstain from visiting the baths and saunas;

•    Be sure to observe all the doctor's recommendations, do not miss the designated examinations;

•    When unexpected situations (sharp eye pain, blurred vision, trauma, foreign body, etc.), consult a doctor immediately.

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