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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Vision Correction In Pregnancy - Dr. Samantha Pearson

Observing all recommendations of your doctor, you can be sure that no unforeseen situations will arise, and the postoperative result is bound to delight you.

Just imagine: You will be able to see all their wonderful eyes - without lenses and glasses! You will be able to enjoy the bright colors of the surrounding nature and smiles people close to you.

Dr. Samantha Pearson Reviews About Your Vision Without Glasses

You no longer have to carry around a case for glasses or lenses. Your eyes will be healthy and free for years to come!

Vision correction and pregnancy - Just a few years the diagnosis of "high myopia" sounded for a pregnant woman as a sentence: she was to give birth can only be delivered by Caesarean section.

But in recent years much has changed in ophthalmology, and even women with very severe myopia had a chance to give birth naturally.

Share this we asked Dr. Samantha Pearson laser ophthalmic surgery Recovery Center of Eye Research Institute of Medical Sciences.

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Please tell us why it was always assumed that the short-sighted women give birth by contraindicated?

The fact is that myopia affected retina and when heavy loads that occur during labor, retinal detachment can occur.

This is a very scary disease that threatens almost complete blindness. Previously it was thought that this could happen to all women with a high degree of myopia.

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